It's 4am

Jan 26, 2016

Here I am, awake and waiting for the painkillers to kick in. It's all getting very tiresome.

Sunday and Monday ended up as quiet days, and they were good days. I like quiet, calm days. Imy needed some persuasion to get to school, but she’d had a good chat with a key worker and seemed happier on her return home. We are finding her more emotional than normal, but all we can do is make sure she knows she is loved and supported.

Tuesday arrived, and we were up and at ‘em early to get the kids dropped off at school and then us off to the hospital to get my port reinserted. I had been hoped they’d knock me out for it, but due to the cocktail of drugs I’m already taking, they just gave me a little bit of sedation, local anesthetic, and 30 minutes later, I was back in my room watching the end of Bargain Hunt with Ross.

Whilst I’d been in theatre, Ross had spoken to my GP to get my pain meds tweaked. The levels just weren’t quite right and I was finding it difficult to keep under control. Between them, they came up with a plan, and I’ll be able to function with some level of normality.

A bit later on I got a message that my Dad had arrived at ours, so the kids would be collected from school with no fuss or drama. Tea was made for them, and they were taken to after school activities once their homework had been completed. I think my Dad was a bit shocked in the difference between me since the last saw me at Christmas. A month ago, I was just normal little me. Getting on with life. Now I’m discussing adapting my way of living to make things easier for me and those around me.

One thing that I need to look into quickly though is getting a Blue Badge. I can’t walk far, I’m using a stick and trying to do normal stuff is becoming more problematic.

I’m getting my first dose of Herceptin today, as well as a bone strengthener. A long dull day in hospital but a positive step to giving this horrible disease its marching orders again.


P.S. Just a little note to say thank you to everyone who has sent a care package. Large or small, edible or not, even the messages, emails, texts and calls. They are all appreciated and make me feel like I’ve got an army of supporters helping me walk along the road I need to travel. It’s not too much fun at the minute, but it won’t all be doom and gloom either. I can’t live like that.